“VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER STATHIS PANDAZIS”: With many years of experience in the field of training and implementation of educational programs, it ensures high quality education and training services for trainees.

The goal of the company is the maintenance of a constantly improving quality policy, with a focus on the trainees through the continuous and instant gratification of their needs. This is ensured by the timely information of all educational programs offered by the company, with the implementation of education in a modern educational venue with advanced technical infrastructure and highly trained educators selected through a strict internal evaluation system.

"VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER STATHIS PANDAZIS", adapted to the requirements of modern needs, designs synchronous and asynchronous programs through a modern, privately owned online learning platform, which fully meets the needs of educators and trainees, while fully covering the relevant legal requirements.

The goal of the company is the continuous control of the programs at all levels before, during and after their implementation. This ensures that the final result meets the expectations of each trainee.

To ensure its goals, the company takes care of the following:

  • Complete and effective staff training
  • Maintaining high trainee satisfaction rate
  • Meeting the criteria for selecting educators
  • Compliance with national and community legislation
  • The excellent condition of its equipment and facilities
  • Reducing human error and prompt trainee service
  • The control of all of the above, as well as setting measurable and objective goals, in order to improve its quality system continuously.
  • The identification and management of risks that may pose a threat to the operation of the center.

"VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER STATHIS PANDAZIS" has developed and implements a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001/2015, ISO 27001/2013 and ISO 27701/2019.

Read the Quality Policy Certification here.